As much as we love all things tropical, we may love art a little more, just maybe. Lastweek, Frieze Art Fair took over Randalls Island here in New York, and we had lots to get excited about. So much tropical inspiration, mirrors, neon lights, palm trees, tye dye.. we needless to say were extremely overwhelmed, for good reason. Here are some of our favorites.

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Rise & Shine Its Munchies Time!!!


We are super excited to present a collaboration with Grilled Cheese Social! This is the Cadillac of stoner delights, so roll a spliff, pack a bowl, or hit the g-pen, however it is you like to get enlightened because this is something ever Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, DJ Snoopadelic, Snoopzilla (whatever he goes by now a days) would rap about. Now here’s the deal we LOVE!! Cheese and Pineapple so we loaded this bad girl up! But if you like to tread lightly by all means add however much or little you like. But lets keep it real you don’t wanna half ass this Tropical Stoner Delight.image

Lets get things started with some Shredded Mozzarella, we went heavy handed with it, get that calcium!! Bust out the DICED PINEAPPLE cause its time for some, Tropical Magic!!!


Time to heat things up with some Pickled Jalapeños, cause lets keep it 100 you can’t be Tropical without some heat!! Now for some Italiano (tomato sauce), this is the official “icing on the cake” I mean what herb lover doesn’t love Pizza?!?


This mash-up of flavors with leave you with a cheese-eating-grin. image

Keep It Tropical!!

PS don’t forget to Pass the Ducthie

Don’t forget to check out our girl over @ Grilled Cheese Social Tumblr

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